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Formako company - molds for 3D panels made from ABS, PVC plastic and polyurethane


Our company Formako has been in the market for 14 years

  • Shipping is in any country. 
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company Formako


Molds for producing premium 3D panels made from plaster.  It’s a new wave in business. 

Made in Siberia! Company Formako

Delivery to any country. Our molds are sold everywhere in the world from Australia to USA. 

company Formako

Our company offers You a new and a very profitable business – producing designed 3D panels made from plaster.

Production of 3D panels made from plaster amounts about 1000% profit. 

On the photo below you can see Formako molds made from polyurethane – for experts’ workers. 

company Formako

We’ve got more than 150 molds made from ABS plastic and polyurethane available. New molds produced every week. 

On the photo below you can see Formako molds made from ABS plastic – for business starters. 

company Formako

A huge work experience and professionalism allowed Formako company earn our associates’ confidence and took a firm position on the equipment industry market for small business. 

At present, Formako company produces on its own operating equipment:

  • Molds made from plastic for 3D panels
  • Molds made from polyurethane for 3D panels  

company Formako

Manufacturing of products under individual drawings

Our company carries out a lot of custom orders for products made from metal and plastic. Our regular customers trust us completely. One drawing is enough to get your product from us in a few days at a reduced price. 

We follow several rules: qualified service and prompt delivery, careful attitude, decency and peak efficiency for our customers. 

We execute any orders regardless of quantity and total sum. It doesn’t matter if you need to make us one mold or develop hardware item. We value every client!  

Fomako company always considers customer’s request. 

All your requests are under consideration every day and takes into account in following production.  Formako always performs its duty completely and in time. 

We value our reputation and respect our associates. Long term cooperation opens a prospect for further growth and goals achievement. 

Fomako company has expanded its business profile and machine pool. We produce equipment, which can be used by any man without special skills. 

Customers’ needs and growth  are Fomako’s priorities. Quality and production growth, increased speed work execution, technical basis development,  new business equipment elaboration and implementation


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