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shipment and payment


  • We ship to any country.
  • Shipment is carried out by EMS post service.
  • Shipment might be also carried out by any other post services electively. 
  • The average weight of one-two molds made from plastic package is 2 kilos; 4 molds – 5 kilos; 6 molds – 7 kilos; 12 molds – 10 kilos.
  • The average weight of one mold made from polyurethane is 6 kilos.
  • The average weight of packing-case is 2 kilos.
  • The cost of packing-case is 15$.
  • The price does not include packing charges.
  • Packing charges are calculated separately.
  • Shipping charges are estimated by post service rates.  


 Method of payment. 

  • 100% payment in advance.
  • Western Union, PayPal, Contact, UNIStream


Average production time and shipment. 

  • Molds made from plastic are made within 5-6 working days.  
  • Molds made from polyurethane – 10-12 working days. 
  • Production and shipment of new models that are recently put on sale might be prolonged. 




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